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One of the most well-known techniques for mixologists. In many cocktail recipes, it is necessary to shake the mixture in a shaker with ice. This technique not only chills the cocktail to a perfect drinking temperature, but also adds oxygen and dilutes the different flavors in the mix to achieve a balanced cocktail. Generally, the cocktail should be shaken for about 10 seconds.


Another one of the very familiar practices of all mixologists. This one consists of using a bar spoon to make a circular movement around the glass. Intended for mixtures composed mainly of spirits, stirring helps to cool the cocktail in addition to diluting the flavors evenly and lightening the powerful taste of strong spirits. Note that the faster the ice melts, the less time you will need to stir to achieve the desired effect, and vice versa.


The following method is done with a cocktail masher, it is especially used to squeeze the lime into a Mojito! You need to crush the ingredients into the bottom of the shaker with the tool. Remember to add your solids and the sweet cocktail ingredient so that the sugar can dissolve into the other cocktail ingredients.


After shaking the cocktail in the shaker, the mixologist uses a strainer to catch the ice as he pours the mixture into the cocktail glass.


An advanced straining technique uses a sieve to filter out elements smaller than ice that might have crept in. For example, this removes unwanted pulp when pouring the mixture into the cocktail glass or small fragments of ice that may have appeared during shaking.

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