Happy New Year 2022! Crowd cocktail boxes are back 🤍


At Crowd, we are proud to offer fresh, quality products. Our cold pasteurized juices as well as our homemade syrups can be kept up to 30 days after the production date. They are kept in an isothermal layer during transport, but be careful, they must still be refrigerated as soon as they are received. It is preferable to consume the juices & syrups within 3 days after the opening date.
The box is delivered within 5 business days following the date of the order. Delivery times vary depending on the region. We deliver from Monday to Friday. However, we do not have full control over the delivery company, delays may occur.
Of course there are! Crowd offers you two alternatives: replace the alcohol by a non-alcoholic spirit or even by water or soda. On the plus side: since each ingredient is separate, you can work on your own sweet/acid balance! You are a mixologist today, be creative!
Our mixologists have created cocktails that are perfectly balanced around a single spirit, but... no stress: many of our cocktails go beautifully with other spirits. Once again, let your creativity take over!
Not at the moment, but the Crowd team is working hard to offer you a smaller size and also a monthly subscription! Follow us on social networks to be the first to know!
No shaker? No stress! A Mason jar will do perfectly, or even any resealable glass or even plastic container. (glass is preferred).
It is entirely possible to customize your boxes according to quantity. For your different requests, please contact us by email or by phone. Please note that boxes sold individually or in small batches are not customizable.
It is possible that some products may get lost during delivery. No problem, send us an email and we will refund you for the missing or damaged item(s).
No problem, just send us an email and we will refund you the missing or damaged item(s). The delivery people will leave your box in front of your home in a safe place. Our insulated blankets mean that the box can stay outside for a while. Be sure to put your box in the fridge when you get home!
You can pick up your box 72 hours after placing your order (working days). Our team works hard to offer you fresh products. Help us give you the best possible experience by picking up your box within 10 business days. This will ensure maximum freshness!
We can't say it enough, freshness comes first! Our team of experienced mixologists makes sure to create homemade syrups from local ingredients. Our juices are cold-pressed in Quebec and contain no preservatives. We make sure to encourage mainly local suppliers.
Our products may contain traces of nuts. The ingredients are written on the juice bottles, if you need more information, contact us by email or phone, it will be our pleasure to advise you!
We frequently organize live mixology tutorials on our Facebok page. How does it work? It's simple: just like our Crowd Bar & Flair page and you will receive a notification when the session starts.
Our mission is to push you to surpass yourself, to experiment, to be creative! Being a mixologist is also about trying things. Each of our recipes contains a professional tip, don't hesitate to refer to it, but don't be afraid to go further, if you feel adventurous!
Excellent question! Each box contains two recipes that you can reproduce in 8 copies each. Note that if you make non-alcoholic cocktails, you may be able to make fewer cocktails.
Our isothermal cover allows you to keep the products out of the fridge for the time of delivery. We are therefore proud to offer delivery anywhere in Canada. Since our offices are located in Montreal, please note that delivery times and fees vary depending on the destination.
Unfortunately it is not possible to guarantee a delivery date. If this is important to you, we recommend that you come and pick up your box, or order your box one week before the desired date. Knowing that our boxes have an extended shelf life, you have a lot of leeway.
Every event is different. It is important for our team to understand your needs in order to take good care of you. Please contact us by email or phone.

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