Happy New Year 2022! Crowd cocktail boxes are back 🤍

Bar consultation

Our mixologists have decades of experience working in some of Montreal's best bars. We've worked with many bars and restaurants to help them achieve their goals!

Creation of a cocktail menu

Cocktails are the items with the highest profit margin on your menu! We make sure you get the most out of them by creating a delicious cocktail menu with the optimal price for each cocktail. The menu design and eye-catching descriptions will be done with the goal of optimizing the sales of the cocktails with the highest profit margins.

Cocktail program

A bartender in control is worth two! Let us create the famous "Bartender's Bible" to guide your employees in their service, preparation and recipes. This service includes coaching and training to cover the main topics.

Training and staff placement

No doubt about it, to be at the top you need a solid team! We will provide you with reliable and efficient employees. Do your employees need technical or knowledge development to reach the next level? We'll take care of it for you. Personalized support according to your needs!

Coaching in optimization

Limit your losses, improve your service, reduce your costs and increase your capacity! Through mystery shoppers or a rigorous analysis of the system in place, we prepare recommendations to optimize your operations. Our expertise is at your service.

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Call on the best mixologists in the country!


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